Marlow Riley 


This photo series shows the distinguishing pillars that differentiate the IBM MobileFirst Platform from the rest: responsiveness, security, data conservation, and personalization. Each item is shown in a hand (using my newly-discovered hand modeling talents), like a mobile device. These are intended to be shared on social media and drive the audience to the IBM MobileFirst site.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Role: Copywriting, concept, hand modeling

COPY: Time Flies. IBM MobileFirst Platform helps enable faster iteration of mobile apps. Find out more: #IBMMobile

COPY: 40% of apps don’t account for security vulnerabilities. Do yours? Learn how to get more secure: #IBMMobile

COPY: Analytics and data rule the game. Are you using yours or wasting it? #IBMMobile

COPY: Customers spent $34.2 billion on mobile retail last year. How do you stand apart from your competition? #IBMMobile