Marlow Riley 


This social media series shows the value of an Integrated Managed Infrastructure service rather than doing it yourself. In other words, the lowest-risk solution is to trust the experts. These are intended to be shared on social media and drive the audience to the IBM IMI site.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Role: Copywriting, concept

COPY: Manage the right talents for working with a complex IT infrastructure. Learn more: 

COPY: The right knowledge can manage change, virtualization and availability. Learn more: 

COPY: A reliable IT infrastructure comes from management using the best practices. Learn more: 

COPY: A service provider today must implement and manage operations around the world. Learn more: 

COPY: An MSP will commit to your business needs contractually, and will back it up. Learn more: 

COPY: Multiple options and flexibility from one provider—MSP. Learn more:

COPY: To innovate you need the right service provider to transform your company. Learn more:

COPY: Make sure your MSP can back up its benefits with real data and analytics. Learn more: